The Story of The Secret Salon

Why “The Secret Salon”?

The beautiful salon you see sitting at 37 Regent Street today was once just a vision in our founders mind! Danielle wanted to create a mix together luxe and friendly vibes to create the ultimate salon experience for her clients, with one core value: to make people feel good.

Danielle started out in the hair industry at 14 years old, as a Saturday girl in a local salon.

After qualifying at college, she left that role to train in Hair Replacement and Hair Extensions. She travelled all over the UK as a Hair Replacement specialist, gaining invaluable experience in this area.

After starting a family, Danielle decided to set up her own mobile hair business and built a loyal customer base of clients from all over the UK. Around this time, Danielle had started reading self development book The Secret and began using manifestation techniques to reach her goals.

She set a goal of opening her own salon, and even drew a picture of exactly what she imagined it would look like (complete with an “award winning stylist” sign – way before she won any awards!). Danielle spent her commutes between clients listening to The Secret on audio book and absorbing all of the positive material it had to offer – then when it came to think of a name for her future salon, something just clicked! Just a few months after she drew the picture, she won an award for Britain’s Best at NHF in two categories: Bridal and Hair Up. Fuelled with passion, she started setting up the salon and the rest is history! This story is partly why Danielle decided to launch The Secret Salon academy, as she knew first hand how important a support system and surrounding yourself with good energy is to starting and launching a business.

Through the academy, she has kick-started the careers of hundreds of hair professionals. There are a lot of unqualified hair extensionist technicians out there and Danielle really wanted to create a course that has depth and provides students with real knowledge to start building their own client bases – and doing a good job!

The Secret Salon prides itself on good vibes, good service an making every client feel good.

Keep an eye out at reception as we have a copy of The Secret for our clients to flick through and soak in the positive vibes 🙂

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