How to Blend Short Hair With Long Extensions

You’ve decided to make the chop and get a lob, but sometimes you really miss your long locks. Sound familiar? Don’t worry, because hair extensions are the answer to almost any hair related dilemma.

They can hide split ends, add colour, give your hair more volume and let you experiment with length and styles. But when it comes to fitting them, the right approach is everything.  Blending hair extensions is the difference between achieving a natural look and being able to spot where your real hair ends and the fake hair starts.

We bring you the best tips, tricks and secrets on how to effortlessly blend short hair with long extensions like a blending Queen.

Why can’t I blend my extensions?

Let’s start by looking at the reasons why you may be finding it tricky to match and blend your extensions with your real hair.

Your hair type and cut need a specific type of extension. Not everyone can pick up a box of extensions off the shelf and match it to their hair perfectly. Speak to your stylist for advice on the best type of extension for your hair.

If you use the incorrect weight of extension for your hair type, you’re also likely to experience challenges with blending. Always opt for human hair extensions as they’re lighter in weight to help you blend with your natural hair.

Tips and tricks on how to become a blending Queen

  1. Style your hair and extensions together

You may find it easier to style your extensions, clip them in and then style your natural hair, but this approach can lead to noticeable extensions. Always style your hair and extensions together by sectioning your hair from the bottom and working your way up. As you section your hair, clip in your extensions and either straighten or curl a mixture of your hair and the extensions together. This will create a natural look and nobody will be able to tell where your real hair starts and end.

  1. Layer your extensions

To achieve a light, bouncy and natural look with your extensions, give layering a go. If you haven’t already purchased your hair extensions, buying ones of varying lengths is the easiest way to achieve layers. For example, if you’ve got mid length hair you could buy a set of 14-inch extensions and another set for 18 inches.

To cut your own extensions, consider the natural length of your hair as its shortest layer first. Hold part of the extensions with your fingers, then use a diagonal movement to cut to the ends from the centre carefully. While cutting, close and open the scissors gently, rather than drawing them down through your hair. Not brave enough to cut your extensions yourself? Ask your stylist to do it for you.

  1. Use a hair serum or oil

With shorter hair you tend to get bits that stick out. These can be even more noticeable against your hair extensions. Smoothing a hair serum on your hair from just below your root to the tips (including the extensions) can help them seamlessly blend together. Coconut oil is a good choice for hair extensions as it keeps the hair soft, glossy and healthy.

  1. Thicken your hair with a second set of extensions

The more hair you have to blend with your natural short hair, the better coverage you can provide. Why not have a go at creating a dreamy ombre look by choosing two different colours of extensions and blending them together with your short hair?

Another tip is to curl the ends of your hair extensions to add instant thickness and body.

  1. Clip the bottom section of your hair up

An easy way to ensure your hair extensions are expertly blended with your natural hair is to clip the shorter parts of your hair to the nape of your neck. Start by sectioning so that only the short bits are left loose. Use some bobby pins to pin it against the nape of your neck. This is where you can clip in your first weft of extensions.

  1. Clip in your extensions higher than usual

To cover as much of your short hair as possible, your extensions need to sit higher on your head. Secure your extensions as you normally would.

  1. Tease your short hair with a comb

Start by washing, drying, and detangling your hair to get your locks extension ready. Secure your short hairs in place with a comb to make it easier to attach the extensions and keep them in place to hide the join.

  1. Wash your extensions

It may sound simple but washing your hair extensions correctly can make them fluff up, giving them a thicker look that will help you blend seamlessly with your real hair.

  1. Make a strong base for your hair extensions

Use hair spray or a volumising spray to create a surface for the wefts of your hair extensions to attach to. This will eliminate any slippage and help to create that natural, blended look.

  1. Stack your wefts

Want to know a really neat trick? Stacking welts on top of each other is a great way to create more volume and hide short hair underneath. It also frees up room on your scalp.

What are the best types of hair extensions for short, fine hair?

Halo hair extensions are a new type of lower maintenance hair extension that doesn’t get attached to your own hair. This method is great for people with short, fine hair because the halo moulds to your head’s natural shape and your natural hair sits on top of it to hold it in place.

Halo hair extensions can be fitted in a salon quickly and you can take it off easily yourself. As the fake hair is not attached to your head, many people find this type of hair extension much more comfortable to wear. Depending on how you care for your halo hair extensions, they can last for up to 12 months.


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