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Mess integration course

Do you have a female clientele who suffer from hair loss? Offering female hair loss services is by far one of the most rewarding jobs in our industry, be the reason your clients feel like themselves again! Hair loss can affect women for many reasons, weather its trichotillomania a condition where a client will pull at their own hair causing distress and damage when feeling anxious, Alopecia or female pattern balding brought on by hormones or medication, however, you can help!

Our female hair integration course helps you carry out a thorough consultation and scalp analysis, helping you learn whats caused the hair loss and whether your client is a candidate for a mesh integration system. Not only are you helping offer a rewarding service but your client will need to return to you every 6-8 weeks for a maintenance appointment, this can take 60-90 mins, a hair loss maintenance program great rebooking tool by ensuring you are  retaining your clientele and increasing your business revenue. 

Our Course includes: 

  • How to consult your client 
  • Scalp Analysis and learning hair loss conditions
  • Health And safety
  • Designing your ladies topper
  • Fitting and cutting your topper
  • Maintaining your client 
  • Suppliers and insurance 

You will receive a kit with your course which includes:

  • Dolls head and clamp 
  • pliers
  • threaders 
  • Mesh 
  • thread
  • micro beads
  • curved needle 
  • Ladies topper
  • scissors 
  • comb 
  • clips 

Our course starts from £799 online or £899 in our Manchester salon.

Please get in touch to request other locations such as Birmingham and London.


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