Reasons to retrain as a hair extension stylist in 2022

Do you want a change from your current career path or hair specialism?

There is so much more to hairdressing than cutting and styling hair. Why not consider retraining as a hair extension stylist or adding this skill to your portfolio?


Hair extensions are becoming increasingly more popular, which means that there is a surge in demand for qualified stylists. Choosing an area of expertise such as hair extensions will also make you stand out from other hair stylists.
We look at the benefits of training in hair extensions and how to choose the right hair extension training course in Manchester.

Benefits of training in hair extensions

Hair stylists need to continually learn new skills and trends to keep their current clients happy and find new ones. Here are just a few of the benefits of becoming a qualified hair extension stylist.

A high return on investment
The cost of hair extensions is considerably lower than the price that you can charge clients for the application and styling services. This means that they are a great money maker. Clients shouldalways be encouraged to purchase their hair extensions from a reputable salon to ensure a high-quality product and natural end result.

Guaranteed repeat business
Most types of hair extensions need maintenance to keep them looking their best. A maintenance appointment will be booked every four to six weeks to replace any missing bonds Therefore, your clients will either come back to you for reapplication or pay to have the hair extensions removed. This means consistent and regular business, making it a profitable service to offer.

Satisfied customers
Customers love the variety and different style possibilities that come with hair extensions. By offering a service that’s in demand, you will set yourself apart from other people or salons that don’t provide hair extension services yet.
Hair extensions give clients the opportunity to:

1.  Lengthen their hair – the main reason people get hair extensions fitted is to try out a new, longer look to see what they like best.
2.  Add thickness – another benefit of getting hair extensions is to add thickness to hair that is naturally thin or caused by a medical condition.
3. Stop taking hair growing pills – these can take months to work, if they work at all. Hair extensions are an instant fix for people that want natural-looking, longer hair.

Earn extra money from selling accessories
You can earn more money from your salon or mobile hair business by adding hair products and accessories to sell. Start with a small selection of items that address your customer needs and gradually increase your stock once you know what sells well.
You will also attract customers who get their hair extensions from somewhere else but may want to pop into your salon to buy some accessories. For existing customers, you’re providing a one-stop solution for all their hair needs which means they won’t take their business elsewhere.

Choose hair extension products that enhance your brand
There are a variety of different qualities and types of extension hair to consider. It’s important that you choose ones that are high quality and reliable as they will represent your brand. Create a shortlist of products that you’re interested in and contact the supplier to see if you can receive some samples before you make a decision.

Use your new skill to market your hair styling and extension business
Aside from having a professional-looking and easy-to-use hair extension service website, social media will give you plenty of opportunities to target customers. YouTube is the world’s second- largest search engine, making it an effective way to attract more visitors to your website through the use of video. Before and after photos, maintenance tips and hair extension Q&A’s ;As are all great content to boost your exposure.

How to choose the right hair extension trainer
It’s essential to get proper training in hair extensions because your reputation will be at stake once
you’re fully qualified. With so many hair extension training courses in Manchester to choose from, it can be overwhelming
trying to find the right one for you. Consider the following factors before booking a course.

1. Pricing
It’s not always worth going for the cheaper option, especially when it comes to learning a new skill such as hair extensions.
Rather than look at the price of a course, consider what you’re getting for your money. Does the course you’re interested in just teach the basics and assume you have some prior knowledge? Or is the course a full breakdown of everything you need to know to start offering hair extension services?
Be mindful that some hair and beauty brands will charge a premium for their training courses because they are well-known brands.

2. Quality
Before deciding on your hair extension course, take a look at the reviews from previous clients. Were they happy with the course content and teaching style? Another way to determine the quality of a course is how much time the course teacher spends with you. All of our courses also include a kit with everything you need to pass your hair extension assessment and get started with your career.

3. Aftercare
It’s important that your course provider is accessible after the course has been completed to answer any questions that you may have. This may include questions on what you learned during the qualification or any advice now that you’re qualified.
An established course will also provide their students with material to take home that recaps what was learned during the qualification.

At The Secret Salon, we provide students with access to our WhatsApp support group where tutors are on hand with help and advice after you have qualified.

Start providing hair extension services in your salon or hair business
Now you know all the benefits of providing hair extensions in your business or salon, it’s time to get certified.
We provide a hair extension training course in Manchester that is designed for either complete beginners with little to no experience or industry professionals looking to add to their skill set.

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