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Our award winning salon owner & educator delivers our courses ensuring our 15 years experience is delivered directly to you, not only will you learn the techniques but also the skills you need to build your business too! 

We cater to all learning styles whether it’s online, one to one or our group classes which take place at our Manchester HQ, London and Birmingham, we provide a life time of after care and in salon work experience should you need any extra help on your journey.

We are ideally placed to offer training to Salon Owners and Salon teams throughout the UK, please get in touch to create your bespoke training program and upskill your team today.


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In Salon Training for Salon Teams

Secret Salon Academy offers bespoke in-salon team training so your stylists will quickly become expert hair technicians. Our courses are available in-person at our training venues in Manchester, Birmingham, or London. However, we also offer online training for your stylists if that’s more convenient. 

Our hair extensions training courses are selling out fast for 2022. If you would like to upskill your salon team, call our hotline today on 07876 795150 to arrange your bespoke in-salon training. 

Why should salon owners choose in-salon training?

In-salon training is an investment for your business that will set you apart from your rivals. You can expect the following benefits when you commit to hair extensions training for your team.

Extension of your services 

If you have previously been unable to offer hair extensions as a service in your salon, then your training will allow you to add this highly sought-after styling choice to your list. Hair extensions are incredibly popular, thanks to celebrity culture and social media. People realise that they don’t need to be stuck with the locks they were born with; instead, they can commit to hair extensions to provide them with the look they desire. 

Hair extensions also require routine maintenance every six to eight weeks so you can be assured of regular appointments in your calendar. 

Regular updates 

Even if some of your team have previously completed their training in hair extensions, their skills may not be as current as they could be. Our in-salon program offers the latest methods and will expose your stylists to new techniques they haven’t tried yet.

Give your staff confidence

Some salons may offer hair extensions training with stylists who don’t feel confident about their abilities. Perhaps their training was completed several years ago, and they feel a little rusty, or maybe they’ve never completed a formal hair extensions certification at all. If this is the case, then you can book in-salon training to give your staff confidence to carry out an excellent hair extensions treatment for your clients. 

The more confident they feel, the better the outcome and the greater the reputation of your salon business. 

Invest in your staff for retention 

Of course, as a salon owner you know that your business is only as good as the people who work there. To keep your best stylists, you need to invest in their training and development. If you have noticed a pattern where promising young team members leave to go elsewhere or set up on their own, this can often be because they can’t see a future in the business they’re working for. When you invest in hair extensions training across your entire workforce, then they’re more likely to stay loyal to your salon. 

Streamline your team’s talents 

If your team members have been hired at separate times, they will usually have varied levels of training. By investing in hair extensions training for your in-salon team, you will streamline the experience that your individual stylists have in this area and radically upgrade the skillset of your business. 

How does in salon training work?

If you’re interested in booking in-salon training with Secret Salon Academy, your first step is to get in touch with us to arrange your tuition. We offer bespoke in-salon training so feel free to discuss your requirements with us on 0161 707 9390 or by email at thesecretsalonacademy@outlook.com 

Your training can either be carried out face-to-face or online, but either way the course material and program is the same. The course duration is 1 day, so you will quickly fast-track your team to become experts in this hair styling specialism.  

What is offered as part of the course? 

Your course will include: 

  • A full consultation 
  • Health and safety guidance 
  • Colour matching 
  • Hair structure 
  • Ordering hair process
  • How to fit and remove the extensions using each method 
  • Cutting and blending techniques
  • How to choose the right hair extensions method
  • Business advice including social media guidance, insurance, and recommended suppliers 

All students receive a pack before their course begins. This contains all the essential items they need to take part in this comprehensive program. The pack includes: 

  • A doll’s head and clamp
  • Tail comb 
  • Section clips 
  • Plyers 
  • Threaders
  • Beads, tape and tape remover
  • Thread 
  • A selection of hair to practice with 

Prerequisites for in-salon training 

If you’re a salon owner who is considering booking in-salon hair extensions training, the great news is that there are no prerequisites to our course. This means that you can book your entire team on with no concerns that they don’t have the necessary background to take part. 

Our courses are suitable for complete beginners with the exception of our advanced level training where course students must hold a valid NVQ Level 2 in hairdressing or barbering. 

Course certification 

Secret Salon Academy courses are fully accredited, and each individual member of staff will receive a diploma at the end of their 1-day training course.

To be eligible for the diploma, the course tutor will be continuously assessing the work of each stylist. For those completing their training online, this assessment will take place by sending videos and photos of your progress and we will provide detailed feedback along the way. 

Once your team members have received their certification, not only will this make it easier for you to get insurance, but you can also proudly display your team certificates around your salon or on social media. Current and prospective clients will feel confident in choosing your business over other salons when the entire team holds accepted qualifications in hair extension application. 

Course payment 

Training your salon team is a vital asset to your business, but we do understand that you might be concerned about the cost. That’s why we’re delighted to offer flexible spread payment plans using Payl8r. If you’re interested in this, please get in touch to discuss your package in more detail. 

If you have any further queries about booking in-salon training, Secret Salon Academy would love to hear from you. Please contact us today on 0161 707 9390. 


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